Mindfulness practice helps us to cultivate a particular type of attention and awareness.

It can help us to become skilled observers of what’s going on in our often distracted and troubled minds and bodies. Through skillful practice we can  get to know ourselves more intimately  and thereby gain insights that can help us to use our minds more wisely.

Problematic habits such as attention-hopping; ruminating; brooding and emotional avoidance can be transformed. We can learn to become aware  of and accept  the present moment. This "Radical Acceptance"  offers the possibility of profound personal change by  simply learning to be -  without being judgemental. 


Compassion is based on the acceptance that not all pain can be avoided, denied or prevented. We can however, make it more tolerable.

It includes kindness, empathy and acceptance. These in turn are supported by courage, tolerance and equanimity. We can cultivate the capacity to  transform our  experience in relation to suffering.  

I teach a Wisdom and Compassion-Based Meditation.

I facilitate a number of Drop-In Meditation hours - Tuesday mornings  at 10.30 in the Carrickpherish Library and

Wednesday evenings in Anjali Yoga  Waterford,  Lismore Park at 8.15.  between September and June yearly.


These Meditation Hours are suitable for Beginners through to more Experienced Meditators.

I also offer one-to-one meditation instruction  and I am available to work with groups.
For more Information on Mindfulness and Compassion Visit:
Institute for Neuroscience & Contemplative Wisdom 
Mind & Life Institute  


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