Counselling usually refers to a brief treatment that centres around behaviour patterns and as such is generally more  short term than  Psychotherapy.

You may find counselling helpful at a time of crisis, or when you  encounter a significant life change. Perhaps there is some aspect of your behaviour or personality that you feel requires some work or modification.

Counselling offers an oppurtunity for you to talk  about your problems and to  be heard with empathy and understanding. It will help you to explore your feelings, emotions and thoughts.  You will then begin to get to know yourself better and device ways to live your life more positively and constructively.

Counsellors do not offer advice, but instead, assist the client to realise his or her own innate wisdom and to make more  appropriate choices.

My counselling training and experience is informed by a range of modalities including:

Person Centred, Spiritual & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy        

Counselling sessions are held in a dedicated space in order to provide a safe and confidential environment in which to support and work with whatever transpires  for you.



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