What is Core Process Psychotherapy? 

A Mindfulness, Contemplative and Body Psychotherapy

Core Process  Psychotherapy   emerged from an inspired dialoque between the  Western understanding of the nature of personal suffering, and  the wisdom and truths from Buddhism  and other age-old Spiritual Traditions.

In Core Process Psychotherapy therapist and client both become engaged in a healing process. In this co-enquiry, Awareness helps us to examine the content and states of mind that arise. This, in combination with an exploration of  the body, its feelings and feeling tones in the present moment, helps us to identify  the nature of personality and suffering. 

The psychotherapist facilitates the client's opening up to increased awareness. Core Process Psychotherapy is based on the philosophy that awareness itself is  curative and can help alleviate suffering.

The more we become present to the immediacy of our inner and outer experience the more profound our healing can be. Thus it offers a gentle, yet deep Psycho-Spiritual approach to self-enquiry in combination with the compassionate support of the therapist. As such it calls for an openness and commitment to work on oneself for worthwhile and lasting benefit. 

Psychotherapy sessions  are held in a dedicated space  to provide a safe, confidential and comfortable environment  where we can  work with whatever arises for you.

Session are of one hour duration, ideally on a weekly basis.

I hold a Masters Degree in Core Process Psychotherapy.

I am acredited by the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherpy IAHIP and I am registered with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy ICP

Accreditation is a demonstration of my commitment to high professional standards, to enhancing safety and delivering a better service. 

Core Process Psychotherapists are trained at the Karuna Institute.

Click Here to view an inspiring video on the training in Core Process Psychotherapy offered at the Karuna Institute.


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